Prepare Your Listing for Inspection

If you’ve recently worked out a contract for your client’s listing, then congratulations! However, before you start celebrating, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure the transaction makes it through to the end. A big piece of the puzzle is having the inspection done. The inspection could be the difference between the buyer’s peace of mind or terminating the deal.

Now that we have your attention, there’s no need to worry! Here are some simple steps to make certain you and your client know what to expect for their inspection.

Curb Appeal
If your client’s home exterior has gotten ahead of them over the years, you might suggest they freshen up the outside in preparation. Have them focus on the property’s curb appeal by trimming trees and bushes, cleaning out gutters, power washing your house, re-painting the exterior, and properly seal up any cracks or missing pieces from the chimney and roof.

If your seller has the time and expenses, he or she can add some bright-colored flowers to make the home feel welcoming and grab a new front door mat that says, “Welcome Home” to, not only help with the inspection, but also make the buyers feel comfortable to soon be living there.

Back to the Basics
Keep in mind the everyday maintenance fixes like replacing burned out light bulbs and ensuring the smoke detectors work. Your client should check that vents are working properly, light switches turn on the lights correctly, windows and doors close completely and lock perfectly, and that all of the house’s outlets convey electricity as they should.

Your inspector will check all of these things. Even something small like a non-working light bulb could cause unnecessary problems. Make the process easier on you and your client by thinking ahead and making sure these problems are fixed ahead of time.

No Plumbing Problems
Your client should also look over all of the sinks and see that water flows down the drain quickly and smoothly without back-up. Also, have him or her check the water pressure in sinks and bathtubs – does the water come out too hard or not hard enough?

If there are leaks underneath a sink or water marks coming down one of the walls, have someone take a look at these and fix the leaks before the inspector comes and shares this information with the buyer. Many times, a leak is an easy fix that will save everyone a headache later on.

Clear out the Clutter!
Your client should strive to make it easy for the inspector to get to the places he needs to check without hassle. It’s helpful if places such as the attic, basement, heating or cooling systems, and electrical panels are clear of clutter. Have the sellers throw out what they can – hey, they’re moving soon anyways, right? – and box up what they can’t and set it neatly aside. This may also save your client the embarrassment of the inspector tripping over kids’ toys or newspaper stacks in order to reach something important.

Final Thoughts
On the day of inspection, have the doors, gate, and garage unlocked to allow the inspector to get in without any hassle. If your clients are not comfortable leaving the door unlocked, wait until the inspector gets to your house and you’re able to let him in.

If you can, take your client and go grab some lunch while the inspection is going on. It’s best that the homeowner is not present during the process so that the inspector can perform his job safely and without distractions.

If there is a dog or other pet, it can be brought to a pet hotel for the day or simply put up in its travel cage just until the inspection is over.

Thanks to Bruce Grissom of Burgess Inspection Group, Inc., we have provided a simple check-list for you and your clients to have throughout the inspection process. The inspector will be checking these things, so be sure to cross off each bullet point. First International Title wishes you the best of luck on your inspection!

[Click Here to Download the Checklist]

Checklist provided by Bruce Grissom, Professional Inspector “TREC” License # 20953. 214-251-5504.


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