Affidavit of No Demand (Mortgage)
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Affidavit
Estate Tax Affidavit (Federal and NY)
Fence and Boundary Affidavit
FIRPTA Affidavit
Heirship Affidavit
Judgment Affidavit
LLC Affidavit of Title
Lost Note Affidavit (Corporation)
Lost Note Affidavit (Individual_Lender)
Non-Imputation Affidavit
NYC HPD Affidavit In Lieu of Registration Statement
Owner in Possession Affidavit
Purchaser’s-Mortgagor’s Affidavit (Home Equity Theft Protection Act)
Shareholders Affidavit
Smoke Alarm-Carbon Monoxide Detector Affidavit
Smoke Detector Affidavit
Surviving Tenant by the Entirety
Trust Affidavit
Trust Affidavit (Settlor’s Death)


Boundary Line Agreement (requires transfer tax forms)
Pledge Agreement LLC Membership Interest


Contract of Sale – Condominium Unit (NYCBA 2015)
Contract of Sale – Condominium Apartment
Notice of Lien, Unpaid Common Charges (Condominium)
Notice of Lien, Unpaid Common Charges (HOA)

Contracts and Related

Assignment of Contract of Sale
Contract of Sale – Condominium Unit (NYCBA 2015)
Contract of Sale – Cooperative Apartment 7-2001
Contract of Sale – Office, Commerical, and Multi-Family
Contract of Sale – Residential (DOC)
Contract of Sale – Residential (PDF)
Lead Paint Disclosure Statement (Seller)
Lead Paint Disclosure Statement (Lessor)
Memorandum of Contract
Option to Purchase Real Property
Property Condition Disclosure Statement

Corps, LLCs, and LPs

Consent of General and Limited Partners (LP)
Corporate Resolution to Sell
LLC Affidavit of Title
Shareholders Affidavit


Administrator’s Deed
Bargain and Sale Deed With Covenants
Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenants
Executor’s Deed
Quitclaim Deed
Warranty Deed


Confession of Judgment Affidavit
Confession of Judgment
Judgment Affidavit
Release of Lien of Judgment
Satisfaction of Judgment
Partial Satisfaction of Judgment


Ground Lease
Landlord Consent and Estoppel
Memorandum of Lease
Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement
Termination of Recorded Lease

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s Lien
Satisfaction of Mechanic’s Lien


Cancel Notice of Pendency (LP) by Stipulation (CPLR 6514(d))
Cancel Notice of Pendency (LP) by Plaintiff Atty Affidavit (CPLR 6514(e))
General Release (Individual)
General Release (Corporation)
Notice of Pendency (Lis Pendens)
Stipulation Discontinuing Action

Mortgage Tax Affidavits

253 Affidavit (Credit Union Converted) Tax Law 253(1-a)(a)
253 Affidavit (Credit Union) Tax Law 253(1-a)(b)
253 Affidavit (Natural Person)
255 Affidavit (Assignment of Leases and Rents)
255 Affidavit (Collateral Mortgage)
255 Affidavit (Consolidation and Extension)
255 Affidavit (Correction Mortgage)
255 Affidavit (Extension-Modification)
255 Affidavit (Mortgage Encumbering RP in More Than One County)
255 Affidavit (Reverse Mortgage)
255 Affidavit (Substitute Mortgage)
255 Affidavit (Wraparound Refinance)
275 Affidavit (Assignment of Mortgage)
339-ee Affidavit (NYC Unit Mtg $500K or More)
339-ee Affidavit (NYC Unit Mtg Less Than $500K)
Mtg Tax – 339-ee Worksheet – Commercial
Mtg Tax – 339-ee Worksheet – Residential

Mortgages and Related

Assignment of Leases and Rents
Assignment of Mortgage
Assignment of Mortgage and Note
Building Loan Agreement
Building Loan Contract Form 8032 (3-00)
Building Loan Mortgage Form 8017 (3-00)
Combination Bond and Mortgage
Consolidation and Extension Agreement Form 8026 (3-00)
First Mortgage Individual or Corporation
Lienor’s Estoppel Certificate
Lost Note Affidavit (Individual Lender)
Lost Note Affidavit (Corporation)
Mortgage Note Form 8011
Notice of Lending
Owner’s Estoppel Certificate Form 8037 (3-00)
Partial Release of Mortgage
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Splitter Agreement
Spreader Agreement
Subordinate Mortgage, Individual or Corporation
Subordination of Mortgage
Termination of Assignment of Leases and Rents

Power of Attorney

New NY Statutory Short Form POA (effective 9-12-2010)
New NY Statutory Gifts Rider (effective 9-12-2010)
New Affidavit as to POA Being In Full Force
Revocation of Power of Attorney

Recording Cover Pages

Cayuga County (must be 8.5 x 14)
Orange County (must be 8.5 x 14)
Oswego County
Putnam County
Suffolk County

Transfer Tax and Returns

Westchester PREP Request Form (Stewart)
City of Yonkers RPT
City of Yonkers Affidavit of Exemption
City of Peekskill RPT
IT-2663 Nonresident Real Property Estimated Income Tax Payment Form
Columbia County Supplemental Return
IT-2664-I Instructions (2017)
Peconic Bay Region CPF (prior to 4/1/2023) Note: must be printed on legal size paper (8.5″ x 14″)
Peconic Bay Region CPF (after 4/1/2023) Note: must be printed on legal size paper (8.5″ x 14″)
RP-5217 Real Property Transfer Form
RP-5217 NYC Real Property Transfer Report Instructions
Town of Red Hook CPF
Town of Warwick CPF
TP-584 (4/13) Note: Some counties require the TP-584 to be completed on-line
TP-584 Instructions (4/13)
TP-584-REIT (7-14)
TP-584.1 Supplemental Schedules with Instructions
TP-592.2 NYS Real Estate Transfer Tax Claim for Refund


UCC1 Financing Statement
UCC1Ad Addendum
UCC1AP Additional Party
UCC1CAd Cooperative Addendum
UCC3 Amendment
UCC3Ad Amendment Addendum
UCC3AP Amendment Additional Party