Top 10 Resources REALTORS® Should Use

REALTORS® should continuously be looking for ways to increase their real estate knowledge and become better at their craft. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to find the right, credible content to work with. Here are our top 10 ideas for resources and tools agents can use to always be learning.

1. News Sites
For an agent, it’s crucial to stay on top of, not only what’s happening in the local market, but what’s happening with the country’s economy overall. Distinguished journaling sites like The Wall Street Journal and Inman provide the most recent and relevant news to keep REALTORS® up to date. A REALTOR’S® knowledge from these sites helps to differentiate him/her from the other competition. Most agents won’t take the time to read and truly understand real estate and the ever-changing economy. Take 10 minutes in the morning over coffee or breakfast and read up!

2. Texas A&M Real Estate Center
This is a free website to stay briefed on the Texas economy. It’s a credible news site to quote from or reference the data in a meeting or a presentation. Check out their most recent Outlook for the Texas Economy.

3. YouTube
Seriously! If an agent has a specific question on how to do something or simply want to learn a new topic, search YouTube for an answer from other agents or experts. Tech Savvy Agent is a great YouTube page to follow. They keep their readers informed on all things technology, to make lives and jobs just a little bit easier.

4. Pinterest
Pinterest is the perfect social media site to engage with for the more creative agents who love pop-bys, creating adorable closing gifts, hosting an outstanding open house, and simply staying inspired to give their clients a unique experience. Countless real estate boards can be found by simply searching for “Real Estate.” It’s also great for finding new flyers or guides to share with buyers and sellers in order to make their transactions as smooth as possible.

5. Real Estate Champions
Whether a brand new agent or an experience broker, this site has something for everyone. Coaching, live classes, training, and free resources are all available to agents on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on cutting edge industry news, announcements, and insight from their president, Dirk Zeller.

6. National Association of Realtors
NAR is “America’s largest trade association” with 1.3 million members representing all sides of residential and commercial real estate. They aim to help all of their members become more profitable and successful. From education to events to politics and various resources, NAR has everything a REALTOR® may need for information. Find out how to join here.

7. Canva
For the agents who don’t have high marketing dollars or brokerages who provide all marketing materials, is the perfect (FREE) graphic design website. Agents can create beautiful and clean flyers, post cards, logos, tags, business cards, and social media posts. This user-friendly website accommodates any person with any level of design experience, from beginner to professional designers!

This is a great website for free flyers and guides to download that help with client education. The site also has various tools for lead generation, management, and business growth. Similar to Canva, this can also be invaluable for the agent who has a limited marketing budget.

9. FirstInAgent ONE
This is the perfect real estate app to run buyer closing costs, net sheets, open house flyers, and find new infographics to share online or with clients. It takes seconds to run reports and share with clients via text, email, etc. Sell a house while standing in line at the grocery store! Find FirstInAgent ONE in the app store.

10. A Coach
Having a personal real estate coach may be worth the cost and time. A personal coach can teach agents how to be self-motivated, professional, a public speaker, and/or how to brand themselves. For REALTORS® just getting into the business, a professional coach can give them the push they need to put themselves out there, start prospecting, and build their book of business.

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